About products

House Brand Activity

We would like to hand "LUCK" to our customer always.
"Luxury", "Up-dated", "Comfortable", "Kindness"
It is our great pleasure to send our merchandises to
our customer which designed in Paris with
JAPAN-MADE quality.

Manufacturing Activity

We have been challenging to produce the best and to
deliver ontime to our client, and we never hesitate to innovate ourselves
to achieve the quality.
Such faith of us is come from our integrated producton process, start from
knitting(textile designing) to sewing, inspection, delivery.

  • Air Tweed
  • Anna Miller's
  • Bird Silk
  • Dior Lace
  • fuwa fuwa
  • Linen Check
  • Linen Flower
  • Mixing Cloud
  • W Lace Cotton
  • W Lace